School Bus Tracker

The application sends SMS alerts to the parents when a kid boards/alights the school bus. It also sends SMS alerts before bus reaches home bus stop. Parents can also get the current location of bus by sending a SMS.

Management can view the location of all the school buses in the MAP, and can monitor the arrival time of school buses.

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For Parents:

Get SMS/Email when child board / alight school bus
Get Alert SMS/Email when bus reaches a selected stop to plan your pickup / drop
Query 'Where the Bus is Now?' by SMS


For Management:

Get SMS/Email alert on breakdown / traffic jam
Get SMS/Email when Trip Scheduling not assigned
Detailed Report for a Trip
Maintain bus, student, driver records
View current position, route taken on map
Display of Student Name on device at each stop for pickup/drop at next stop.
Assists Driver/Attender about any change in plan

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